Youth without

Photo: Ana Lukenda
by Tina Mülleradapted from Ödön von Horváth
Import Export Kollektiv
in German
Depot 2
23 OCT 2020
Age recommendation:
15 years and older
It is 1937 and the Hitler Youth is marching through the city of Cologne. In the same year, Horváth publishes his novel JUGEND OHNE GOTT (YOUTH WITHOUT GOD), which is prohibited immediately after publication. Tina Müller relocates the text into our present, in times of agitation, hatred and Hanau, and tells it from the young’s perspective. With their fears, expectations, and contradictions, they are at the centre of the text. The detective story: One class. One teacher. One camp. One murder. The evil in between. But who is to blame? And where is God? The young people and the teacher struggle alike with the demands of a system designed to perform and function. Can there be any hope?

After the productions of REAL FAKE, CONCORD FLORAL and BRAVE NEW WORLD, the 12 performers of the Import Export Kollektiv are once again on stage, directed by Bassam Ghazi.
direction: Bassam Ghazi
Choreography: Judith Niggehoff
stage: Sebastian Bolz
lighting: Michael Frank