By Tobias Ginsburg
Adapted by Sibylle Dudek and Tobias Ginsburg
Depot 2
World premiere:
22 March 2024
Strengthening worldwide, far right and fascist movements are gaining power and visibility. Author Tobias Ginsburg has gone undercover to infiltrate rightist networks. What connects the different scenes? How are newcomers recruited? Why do machismo, anti-feminism, and queer hostility play such central roles? He discovered the narrative of a world conspiracy, the story that the western man was oppressed and endangered – a dark, scary story that accelerates radicalization.

Tobias Ginsburg’s research takes him all across Germany, into the depths of the Internet, to the U.S. and Poland. With dark humor and a profoundly humanitarian gaze, he shows how warriors are made of hurt men – and the consequences their hatred can have for women, queer people, and open society.

For Rafael Sanchez’s staging, Ginsburg has updated his 2021 book to address the current political situation.
direction: Rafael Sanchez
stage: Evi Bauer
costume: Ursula Leuenberger
Video: Meika Dresenkamp
dramaturgy: Sibylle Dudek