By Heinrich Böll
Adapted by Bastian Kraft
With English surtitles
Depot 1
26 January 2024
dates & tickets Schauspiel Köln Schanzenstraße 6-20, 51063 Köln
Fri 26 Jan 19.30 Schauspiel Köln Schanzenstraße 6-20, 51063 Köln
Wed 31 Jan 19.30
1974. A young woman leaves her apartment to go to a private dance event. Four days later she turns herself in to the police, confessing to having shot a journalist. She feels no remorse. What happened to Katharina Blum in the last four days? What led to this dramatic change?

Using records, reports, and witness testimonies, Heinrich Böll reconstructs the paradigmatic tale of a violent escalation in his famous story. The tabloids have their sights set on Katharina Blum because she spontaneously falls in love with a wanted terrorist suspect and aids his escape. She sees herself at the mercy of a campaign that stops at nothing and sells alternative information as generally accepted facts.

In THE LOST HONOR OF KATHARINA BLUM, Heinrich Böll portrays a deeply patriarchal society in which populism and sexism interact destructively. Fifty years after the story was published, director Bastian Kraft brings the story to the Depot 1 stage with an all-female cast.
direction: Bastian Kraft
stage: Nadin Schumacher
costume: Jelena Miletić
music: Björn Deigner
videodesign: Sophie Lux
dramaturgy: Sibylle Dudek