(Let's Face It We're Fucked)
Photo: Thomas Aurin
A comedy by Thomas Köck

Commissioned by Schauspiel Köln
In German
Depot 1
2 hour 10 min • one intermission
29 September 2023
This new piece by author Thomas Köck begins with the discovery of a volcanic island that John Cook and his expedition team take possession of in 1773 – until the volcano’s eruption annihilates everyone. From that point, the text skips ahead to the present to an absurd property viewing with hundreds of interested buyers meandering around, eying up the rooms along with the included bunker. And lastly, the author takes a look into a future approximately 2,000 to 3,000 years away in which human couples birth cyborg children.

OWNERSHIP (LET’S FACE IT WE’RE FUCKED!) is a collage-style sketch of ownership rights by way of science fiction. Starting with the discovery of a volcanic island and its destruction, the protagonists take a final look at what they deemed their property: the land, resources, and the people. And they watch as the backward broker on Earth attempts to sell the dysfunctional wreckage left behind.

This premiere introduces the Cologne audience to director Marie Bues, who has worked with author Thomas Köck for many years. Thomas Köck has received several awards for his playwrighting, including the 2018 and 2019 Mühlheimer Dramatikpreis and recently audience choice at Mühlheimer Theatertag NRW.

Direction: Marie Bues
stage: Heike Mondschein
costume: Amit Epstein
Music: Kat Kaufmann
Video: Camille Lacadee
Choreography: Mason Manning
Dramaturgy: Sarah Lorenz