Soko Tatort

Photo: Thomas Aurin
By Nele Stuhler
In German
Depot 2
1 h 30 min • no intermission
World premiere:
07 December 2023
For 19 hours a day on German television suspects are interrogated, murders are committed and every now and then offenders are too. One in every two TV productions is a crime story. This also means that empathizing with police officers comprises part of the acting profession’s core business. It’s time to use these skills in the theater and to cross-examine the lust for murder mysteries in all of us. When was the last time you saw a whodunit? Was its theme critical of society? Where does your obsession with blood and thunder come from? Do you want to see blood or do you long for order? For you, what images of our law enforcers become entrenched with every interrogation, every chase, every all-nighter at the office? And can you imagine a world without police?

All of this shall be determined with a cast with crime-scene experience – feature-length, eyes firmly on the clearance rate – shedding blue light on state security.
direction: Nele Stuhler
stage: Marilena Büld
costume: Svenja Gassen
Artistic collaboration: Lisa Schettel
Lighting: Jan Steinfatt
Music & Sound: Nils Michael Weishaupt & Max Wutzler
dramaturgy: Jan Stephan Schmieding