A European story
Photo: David Baltzer
By Nuran David Calis
In German
Depot 2
1 h 45 min • no intermission
World premiere:
January 14, 2023
The number of refugees, as reported by the UN Refugee Agency already by the end of 2021, has increased considerably: 84 million people worldwide are fleeing from violence, war and the consequences of climate change. People who have to leave their homes often do not do so voluntarily. Banishment, expatriation or political persecution in their own home country force them to do so. However, Europe's external borders on land and at sea are strictly guarded. Human rights violations in the name of border security and illegal pushbacks are commonplace. Once people have made it into exile, they often work at changing the political conditions in their home country to create a basis for their return.
With regard to the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine and the flight movements of past years, the production EXILE wants to examine with artistic, among other things, means the current living conditions of refugees.

At Schauspiel Köln, Nuran David Calis has developed the Keuptstraßen trilogy (DIE LÜCKE, GLAUBENSKÄMPFER and ISTANBUL) as well as HERERO_NAMA, VERHAFTUNG IN GRANADA and recently MÖLLN 92/22. In his work, he often brings experts and actors together while concentrating on issues concearning racism and migration.

Light: Jan Steinfatt
Interpreter: Anastasiia Krasovska