Love me more

A Crossover Project
Photo: Birgit Hupfeld
Based loosely on Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray
Dance & Theatre
In English & German
Depot 1
1 hour 30 min • no intermission
October 15, 2022
The desire to be forever young just doesn’t get old. The allure of eternal youth – and the related taboo of aging – are both a promise of the marketing industry and a healthy lifestyle catalyzed and propagated by social media. In 1890, Oscar Wilde put at the heart of his novel THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY a protagonist whose beauty and youthfulness outshine all else. Instead of him, his portrait ages as he indulges in the wild lifestyle of a narcissist: sex, intoxication, drugs, lies, murder. His hedonism has no negative consequences whatsoever. Narcissism has been on everyone’s lips for several years, a buzzword that has come to describe an entire generation perceived as egomaniacal.

At the intersection of dance and theater, Israeli choreographer Saar Magal examines this phenomenon in a crossover project. In a sensuous collage of Oscar Wilde’s PORTRAIT and film and pop references, she gets to the bottom of issues of desire, rejection, self-love, and the drive toward optimization.
concept, direction & stage: Saar Magal
stage & costume: Slavna Martinovic
Choreography: Saar Magal · In cooperation with the ensemble
video design: Julian Simon Pache
composition & music setting: Julian Stetter
light: Jürgen Kapitein
ballet master: Julia Kraus
dramaturgy: Lea Goebel