The twilight of the world

Photo: Ana Lukenda
By Werner Herzog
In German
Depot 2
World premiere:
February 26, 2023
Hiroo Onoda spends almost 30 years in the jungle of Lubang - as the "last" soldier of World War II, he defends the militarily insignificant Philippine island against any attempt to convince him that the war is over. He remains in hiding, fights against the population as well as nature, and allows nothing and no one to dissuade him from his plan.

The young director Michael Königstein approaches this true story in an adaptation of Herzog's text together with the ensemble actor Kei Muramoto. The latter wrestles with different roles and perspectives whose boundaries blur into one another until reality becomes a sprawling jungle plant that takes the audience on a distant and at the same time profoundly existential journey.

An evening that - starting from a single fate - asks the big and universal social questions: What do we believe in? What determines our reality? Who or what frees us from possible misbelief? And for which values and narratives are we prepared to die?

Costume: Clara Bohnen
light: Manfred Breuer