Eve and the apple

Eva von Redecker in conversation
Photo: Sophie Brand
In German
Depot 2
Starts in November 2022
Public philosophy is currently gaining an ever larger audience. Crises like the Covid 19 pandemic and the almost apocalyptic horizon of climate change are pushing people to think. Many certainties are up for grabs, many everyday habits - how we eat, love or work - are being questioned anew: How do we live properly? What do we do with each other? In what terms do we think of our world? Do we even know what we think we know? Who are we and who could we become?
In the new discourse format at Schauspiel Köln, philosopher Eva von Redecker takes her guests on a journey to fundamental questions and gets as multi-voiced a public as possible to think. In a world perceived as increasingly hard, philosophy can provide different impulses than conventional debate events. It teaches wonder and sets ossified positions in motion.
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