Photo: Thomas Aurin
By Henrik Ibsen
Depot 2
01 February 2024
next dates & tickets Schauspiel Köln Schanzenstraße 6-20, 51063 Köln
Sat 01 Jun 18.00 - 19.40
Mrs. Alving, with the help of Pastor Mandor, is preparing for the opening of an orphanage dedicated to her deceased husband. At the same time, she takes in her son Oswald, an artist, who after a long time away has returned to his childhood home. When he falls in love with Regine, the Alvings’ maid and carpenter Engstrand’s daughter, the ghosts of the past catch up with the family, and Mrs. Alving decides 10 years after her husband’s death to break her silence.

Ibsen’s abyssal, long censored piece GHOSTS tells a tale of what it’s like when conventions and roles become unbearable and what has been repressed breaks through.

Returning to Schauspiel Köln after his last production WHEN WE HAVE SUFFICIENTLY TORTURED EACH OTHER, an experiment in coupledom by Martin Crimp, director Thomas Jonigk again tackles humanity’s darkest depths.
direction: Thomas Jonigk
stage: Lisa Dässler
costume: Esther Geremus
music: Julian Stetter
Lighting: Michael Gööck
Lisa Däßler
dramaturgy: Ida Feldmann