Not I

With Zeruya Shalev and Maria Schrader
Photo: Jonathan Bloom
Moderated by Shelly Kupferberg
Depot 1
Since the appearance of her novel Love Life, Zeruya Shalev not only ranks among the most successful contemporary authors in Israel; her books also bring her major international success. In her debut novel Not I, which has only just appeared in German translation – almost 30 years after it was first published – the nameless protagonist sees herself confronted with one question: How does one survive leaving one’s own family for new love? And here she leaves her readership in uncertainty about the truth. Who knows what really happened to the narrator in those six months? The young woman who does not once reveal her name serves us one story after another. Only one thing seems clear: She left her husband and daughter for her beloved. And now she’s in agony. At her side, Maria Schrader will read from the translation.