dance guest performance


Photo: Camilla Greenwell
Dance life stream
in English
approx. 60 minutes
Online world premiere:
08 APR 2021

Age recommendation:
from the age of 15
Infos zum Ticketkauf & Stream
The presale stops 30 minutes before the respective performance. So please make your ticket reservation in a timely manner.

The performance is broadcasted live and can be accessed via your assigned 16-digit ticket code. This code is sent to you directly after your ticket purchase via email. Once you have received your ticket code, register (free of charge) at Enter your ticket code into your account on Rambert Home Studio and you will be able watch the respective performance on the date live on any device. If you have any problems, please send an email to After the registration, you can log back into your account with your details at any time on any device. One hour before each performance, the live stream player will already be live so you can test your audio and video. We advise you to register with Rambert Home Studio and redeem your ticket code as soon as you received it. You will then be able to view other free content in Rambert Home Studio and check that the audio and video work on your device.

Before the creation process, the entire Rambert company – artists, production and technic team – were tested for COVID-19. Afterwards, the dancers were instructed to stay in fixed groups (»Blasen«) only, some share a household. Further tests are made twice per week. Rambert followed all necessary guidelines to ensure that the teams are safe and stay healthy, in addition to carefully controlling the conditions within the Rambert studios.

We all love to have a sneak peak into other people’s lives and their respective homes. Just think about when we observe miniature scenes through train windows or glimps into flats when passing by on the bike. And so, Ramber’s brilliant dancers invite us into other worlds and surprising rooms. People trying to live their lives, cope with dilemma, evade misfortune and to survive their individual dramas.
»Rooms« is an ambitious dance theatre movie being performed live. Sometimes, it is absurd, often funny. It is remarkably beautiful and strange, and occasionally a bit sad. Or maybe, it is all just normal...

In contrast to most live streams, this is not a static recording. Instead, it resembles watching a movie - haunting and fascinating and certainly one of the most technically demanding live dance productions since the closure of the theatres (New York Times about Rambert’s »Draw from Within«).

This performance is LIVE. It is taking place in real time and is not pre-recorded. You do not have to leave home, but the performance has to be watched at the respective selected and purchased time. While you make yourself comfortable on your couch, the Rambert dancers (and cameras) are warming up and getting ready for the performance. It would really be a pity if you tune in too late and miss something out.

The performance contains scenes dealing with suicide or domestic violence, in some scenes the performers are naked or use strong language. Please be aware of possible triggers for you and your children.
Choreography: Jo Strømgren