VI. Edition
June 2023
The BRITNEY X Festival is one of the most important platforms in Cologne for performing arts around the themes of diversity, feminism, queerness and empowerment. Previous editions have included Trajal Harell, Stephanie van Batum & Stacyian Jackson (DON'T WORRY BE YONCÉ), Carolin Emcke and the BURNING ISSUES initiative. The festival was founded in 2017 by former assistant directors Pınar Karabulut, Charlotte Sprenger, Matthias Köhler and Andrea Imler and is still firmly in the conceptual hands of the assistants at Schauspiel Köln.

In 2022, Britney toured around the city for the first time, away from its home venue Offenbachplatz, stopping at the Stadtgarten, Ebertplatz and the old workshop halls of Schauspiel Köln in Ehrenfeld. In 2023, the festival will again conquer the city and send an important signal for visibility on the topic of gender, race and class with lectures, performances and concerts.