KOMOCO / Sofia Nappi
Photo: Komoco
PUPO is a collaboration of Burghof Lörrach (D), Danse Danse Montréal (CA), ecotopia dance productions (D), Escher Theater (L), KOMOCO / Sofia Nappi (I), MART Foundation (US), ROXY Ulm (D), Sosta Palmizi (I), Tanz Köln (D), Theater Winterthur (CH), Tollhaus Karlsruhe (D).
Depot 2
World premiere:
13 & 14 January 2024
The young Italian choreographer Sofia Nappi will premiere her new piece PUPO in Cologne. Inspired by the character Pinocchio, the central theme is the meta-morphosis of the carved wooden doll. In pictures based on the »Commedia dell’arte«, Nappi wonders whether the fairy tale about being punished for lying is actually a story for adults and poses questions about the wooden doll losing its impulsiveness through repeated punishments and the impact of society in stripping the doll of his innocence and original will. With each of his encounters, with each new adventure, the four stages of temptation, guilt, punishment and rescue are repeated and the doll adapts to the morality of human society. But maybe being human is not so desirable after all…

Choreography: Sofia Nappi & Dancers
Dancers: Arthur Bouilliol • Leonardo de Santis • Gregorio Dragoni • Glenda Gheller • India Guanzini Paolo Piancastelli • Julie Vivès
Choreographer assistant: Adriano Popolo Rubbio
Costumes: Judith Adam
Lights: Alessandro Caso
Sounddesign: Ed Mars & Sofia Nappi