LIVE project

curated by Olena Afanasieva
November, 02 - 20
The world has changed since February 24, 2022. The fighters in Ukraine are not just soldiers. They are ordinary people, people »like you and me« whose lives have changed radically. Gardeners, IT specialists, teachers, journalists or dancers, fathers, brothers, wives: today they live and work to survive. They are brave and persistent, but also vulnerable at the same time. Their skin is war-scarred, their lungs are breathing smoke from rocket attacks. An exhibition is now dedicated to the fighting spirit for freedom, the consequences for individuals and the phenomenon of getting used to war.

The exhibition can be seen in the Grotte from November 2nd to 20th, one hour before the performances begin.
Curators: Max Ieligulashvili, Olena Afanasieva, Max Afanasiev, Artivism Manufactory