MÖLLN 92/22

Photo: David Baltzer
by Nuran David Calis
In German
Depot 2
8th April 2022
2022 will mark 30 years since the arson attack on the Arslan family home in Mölln. Right-wing extremists killed three people: Grandmother Bahide Arslan, her ten-year-old granddaughter Yeliz Arslan and fourteen-year-old cousin Ayse Yilmis, who was visiting from Turkey.

At the start of the 1990s—a time in which immigrants were still called »guest workers« or »asylum seekers«
—the attack in Mölln was not an isolated incident. Right-wing extremists raged publicly, cheered on by onlookers in Hoyerswerda, Rostock or Solingen. By means of conversations and interviews with the Arslan family, the documentary piece MÖLLN 92/22 is dedicated to their story. The long-gone old Federal Republic of Germany is told from the perspective of immigrants and the victims of racism, a perspective, which until now has hardly featured in active German historiography.

The production MÖLLN 92/22 creates a space for this discursive debate using artistic means. A link is drawn between then and now, within which it becomes clear that radical right-wing structures and racism remain lethal.

Nuran David Calis developed the Keupstraße trilogy (THE GAP 2.0, BELIEF IN FIGHTER and ISTANBUL) at Schauspiel Köln, as well as HERERO_NAMA and ARREST IN GRANADA. He often brings experts and actors together in his productions.

Stage Design: Anne Ehrlich
Patricia Ruszkiewicz
Lighting: Jan Steinfatt