a performative occupation by the Import Export Kollektiv and Konnective
We stayed at home to protect you. We gave up partying, meeting friends, falling in love, developing. Sat in our flats with poor internet connection and tried to study for exams and degrees in these disastrous digital conditions. Developed depression and anxiety disorders over it. We now finally want to be listened to, to be included. That's why we have taken the space we deserve. Because the city belongs to us too. After the premiere in May 2022, the shortened version of the performance #NOFUTUREFORUS will mark the start of our urban laboratory #NOFUTUREFORUS2.0 with 20 young people from Kalk.

We were in solidarity - now it's your turn!
Follow "no_futureforus" on Instagram and come to Ottmar-Pohl-Platz on 11 April 2023 at 4pm. Access is free and possible at any time.

direction: Konnective
assistant director: Burak Şengüler
Features: Lilli Riesenbeck
costume: Julia Misiorny & Lilli Riesenbeck
video & social media: Vika Grin
musical leadership: Artosha Jasmin Mokthare
technics: Frederik Weber & Philipp Feld
Pflanzstelle, Bücher-Ei, In-Haus e.V., Vision e.V., SoliMed Köln, baraka, Abenteuerhallen Kalk, Kulturhof Kalk, kölnkiosk & Mehr Grün in Kalk