Britney X

Quiz Night – The 1000 Liquor Show

With The Only Naomy
Photo: Exile Cologne
FRI 09 JUNE • 18.30 P.M.
Quiz • 1h • Green Room
Here, you can expect a colorful mix of questions for all senses. From general knowledge to pop culture and queer history, you can put your knowledge to the test and quiz your way into the heart of the hostess. In two rounds, you will face all the brainteasers that your Quiz Queen – The Only Naomy has in store for you.
But don't worry, if you don't score with knowledge, you can distract with nonsense and who knows if that won't make you a winner of a different kind. After all, you are at the 1000 Liquor Show! So pack your quizz friends, bring a good mood and let's go ...and don't forget your liquor-thirst....
By & With
The Only Naomy
The Only Naomy settled into EXILE, and it's been hard to imagine life without the Cologne IT-Girl ever since. Her trademark: Blonde hair and generally little brain underneath. But, the young lady has more to offer besides a beautiful face. Long legs and thin fingers, for example. The make-up advertiser on two legs is also not at a loss for words and always convinces the audience with a charming smile and a sharp sense of humor.