The Horsecocks

musical triangle of horse and cock
Photo: Duana von der Warth
SAT 10 JUNE • 16.30 P.M.
Concert • 30 min • Green Room
Die Horsecocks, who have toured the Cologne stages since May 2021, are a queer indie pop-rock band from Cologne. They move within a musical triangle of horse and cock: Sometimes pop, sometimes country, sometimes psychedelic, but always fashion.
By & With
Lorenz Brückner
Cathleen Saage started writing songs in her teens and taught herself to play the guitar and to sing. After her first own released album in early 2017, collaborations with Lorenz Brückner and finally also with Liliane Rheinländer followed, which was followed by the foundation of the queer band »Die Horsecocks«.
Cathleen works at the Studiobühne in house and stage technology and is in the artistic director of the queer pop festival »Kölnchella«.
Cathleen Saage
Lorenz Brückner studied German language and literature and musicology in Cologne and since 2022 acting direction at the Hamburg University of Music and Theatre. Lorenz has worked in the field of music and theatre pedagogy at the Düsseldorf Schauspielhaus since 2017, is also involved in various music performance projects such as »PLAGIAT« and founded »Die Horsecocks « together with Cathleen Saage and Liliane Rheinländer in 2021.
Liliane Rheinländer
Liliane Rheinländer enjoyed music lessons from an early age and has therefore been involved in various musical projects over the years. Liliane played in big bands, but also in small self-founded indie bands. Today Liliane has found a home in the queer band »Die Horsecocks«.
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