waiting for godot

(En attendant Godot)
Photo: Birgit Hupfeld
by Samuel Beckett
translated by Elmar Tophoven
Depot 1
2 hours 15 minutes • no intermission
04 SEP 2020
»Nothing to be done« – that is the first sentence in Beckett's most famous play. In a forced standstill, the two protagonists Vladimir and Estragon are stuck in a lonely, deserted place, in a space of transition, a transit space. Set back on themselves, the two kill the time trying to keep their spirits up. They cannot go on, they cannot leave, they have to wait. Waiting for Godot, about whom we will never know who he is and why the two are waiting for him. Time dissolves, and life itself becomes a waiting game. Tomorrow will be exactly the same, they will wait like they do today. And yet, tomorrow means hope.

Jan Bosse, whose production of DIE PRÄSIDENTINNEN (THE PRESIDENTS) was on stage at Schauspiel Köln in 2013, will now open the season with his play WAITING FOR GODOT. A season which creates completely new conditions for all theaters and their audiences and puts even the best-known plays in a different light.
direction: Jan Bosse
stage design: Moritz Müller
costume: Kathrin Plath
music: Arno Kraehahn, Carolina Bigge
stage lighting: Michael Gööck
dramaturgy: Gabriella Bußacker