King Lear

Photo: Krafft Angerer
by William Shakespeare
A new adaptation for six players – by Arnt Knieriem based on the translation by Wolf Graf von Baudissin
In German
Depot 1
3 hours • 10 minutes • one intermission
September 23, 2022

Age recommendation:
15 years and older
King Lear abdicates and decides to divide his kingdom among his three daughters. Unlike Goneril and Regan, his youngest daughter Cordelia refuses her father the displays of affection he seeks. King Lear, livid, banishes and disowns her. After dividing the kingdom, the two sisters refuse to take him in. Betrayed and humiliated, the former king delusionally struggles against his demise. Advisor to the king, the Earl of Gloucester is smoldering in family conflict with his children as well. His illegitimate son Edmund schemes against his honorable brother Edgar, but their father seems to be in denial about his ploy.

This tragedy about the suffering of the soul, the essence of power, and the inevitability of aging is directed by Rafael Sanchez. Sanchez recently directed ODE by Thomas Melle (winner of the 2022 Heidelberger Stückemarkt Nachspiel Prize) and GRAPES OF WRATH by John Steinbeck at Schauspiel Köln. Martin Reinke, active at Schauspiel Köln for more than 30 years, bids farewell to the Cologne audience in his role as King Lear.
director: Rafael Sanchez
video design: Nazgol Emami
composition & music setting: Pablo Giw