lust/ctrl X immersion

Studierende der TH Köln präsentieren ihre VR Arbeiten
FR 24 MAI • 17.30 - 20.00 Uhr / SA 25 MAI • 14.30 - 18.00 Uhr
Eine Kooperation mit dem Game Lab der TH Köln.
In einer Projektarbeit entwickeln die Studierenden des Game Labs der TH Köln eine VR Installation zum diesjährigen BRITNEY X Festival Motto LUST & CONTROL. Im Rahmen des Festivals könnt die Arbeiten der Studierenden ausprobieren und euch gleich mit den Macher*innen dazu austauschen.
Von & Mit
Katharina Tillmanns
Katharina is an experience and game designer, researcher, and lecturer at the Cologne Game Lab at TH Koeln. She focuses on the artistic and expressive qualities of XR and immersive worlds. With her background and strong interest in performing arts and body-centric design methods, Katharina is the initiator and design supervisor of the LUST/CTRL X IMMERSION VR lab.
Ilja Burzev
Ilja Burzev is an interdisciplinary 3D artist, designer, and lecturer who focuses on games and interactive experiences. With his expertise in creating commercial and experimental games and VR experiences, Ilja is the LUST/CTRL X IMMERSION´s tech and art supervisor.
As a multidisciplinary designer and creative technologist, Naz seamlessly integrates AI and VR to enhance immersive storytelling, create dynamic and personalised virtual worlds. Naz supports LUST/CTRL X IMMERSION Lab with her expertise in creating the overall visitor experience.
Team »Let Us Be« VR experience
Alex Oemus
An alumnus of the CGL and current MA student, Alex is passionate about Level Design and Writing and he brings those skills as well as his interest for artistic experiences to Let Us Be.

Thaleia Tagaraki
Thaleia is a CGL BA Alumna and current MA student. A full-fledged programmer, Thaleia makes everything work that needs code for Let Us Be.

Mora Shara
Studying Art in the BA, Mora brings her enthusiasm for RPGs and fantastic worlds into the environmental design of Let Us Be and makes sure the UX runs smooth.

Anton Sagel
An alumnus of the CGL BA and current MA student, Anton keeps the big picture in mind and the somatic experience in the body as project manager, systems designer and writer.

Team »Interconnected« VR expert
Alyx Feigel
Alyx is a multidisciplinary artist with a background in Motion Design and Art Direction and a strong focus on experimental projects. As a student at Cologne Game Lab she envisioned the core creative direction as well as look of the Installation and offered additional tech assistance.

Zaid Sbahi
Zaid is a game programmer studying at Cologne Game Lab and focuses on making unique experiences for people to enjoy.

Mushroom Kosztolány
Mushroom is a game designer specialising in mechanics and features, currently at an exchange student program at the Cologne Game Lab. On Interconnected he has been helping with designing the play experience.

Julien Hecker
Julian is a multidisciplinary artist with a background in film, computer graphics, and music production who contributed his expertise in sound design and composition to the project, while also drawing from his experience as a member of the electronic music trio Diode Eins.

Team »Fingertips« VR experience
Marni Hanke
Marni is a game designer currently studying in the BA Digital Games program at the Cologne Game Lab at TH Köln. She and Lara developed the design concept for »Fingertips« together. Marni was also responsible for the immersive sound design.

Lara Maria Müller
As a game designer, Lara is always drawn towards narrative games. She is currently studying the Digital Games BA program at the Cologne Game Lab at TH Köln. For »Fingertips«, Lara and Marni developed the design concept together. Afterwards, Lara created the environment that leads people through the experience.

Julian Reiter
Julian is a game programmer currently studying in the BA Digital Games program at the Cologne Game Lab at TH Köln. As part of the »Fingertips« team he was responsible for the VR setup and the networking of the game.

Rafael de Oliveira Manjua
Rafael is a programmer and exchange student from IADE Creative University in Lisbon. He focused on programming the gameplay mechanics for »Fingertips«